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Roaming around with a camera

Introducing places in Japan in English

Kirishima-jingu Station (2017 GW#15)

The same bus used to move from Kokubu-station has came and rode to Kirishima-jingu station a station next to Kokubu.


※Kirishima-jingu 8:58dep、Kirishima-jingu station 9:11arrive 250yen

The design of the station is no matter hou you look at it, came from the shrine.


There is nothing in front of the station. Even souvenir shop dosn't exist.


Passing throgh the gate, climbed to the platform. Waiting time was approx.25min so took some pictures of the station. Nearly nothing...


Sign of this station. The illustration on the center is, of course, Kirishima-shrine.


In this station one more type exists. A torii type sign.


The station schedule. Only one train per hour combined with both local and limited express trains running in this line.Litte lonesome scene.


Waiting for 09:36 limited express"Kirishima"

Kirishima shrine (2017 GW#14)

First sight of the day is a famous shrine in Kagoshima, Kirishima-shrine.

In Japanese, it reads "Kirishima-Jingu" but the offical URL spells "shrine" insted. 

Near the bus stop there is a bridge named "kami-hashi (God bride)"


After crossing the bridge, a stone sign showing "Kirishima-jinngu" and stairs.


Abobe the stairs, "second" torii appears.


Passing the torii and approach, an open space appears and from the space you could see a scenaery of the Kirishima and Sakurajima area.


Looking back, there will be the "Third" torii and inner shrine.


The shrine looking from between the trees and torii looks very mysterious to me.

After passing through the "Third" torii...


the inner shrine appears.


There was a towering sacred tree aside the shrine building.


Proceeding to the center part of the shrine. Because of the early time, it was possible to take photos with almost no people in it.


Inner part of the shrine looks like this.


Maybe it's their morning chore, lots of priests was walking and praying between lots of tourists.


By the way, I passed "Second" and "Third" torii, then where is the "First" torii?

The first one is existing between roads near the bus stop. As a result, I went through the first one by bus, and passed the torii in order.


After a approx54min stay, I will start to move.

From Kokubu station('s bus stop) to Kirishima Shrine (2017 GW#13)

 Now its morning of the second day.

After checking out, I walked back to the station because there was a bus stop that I am going to use.

While walking found a "city manhole"


and a city hall/ city assebbly of Kirishima-city.


Back to the station. Today it was a weekdy so lots of highschool students was walking around to go to there schools.


The first tranportaion I am going to use is not a rairoad. A 07:25 bus for Kirishima-Iwasaki hotel.


About a 40min ride and arrived at Kirishima shrine bus stop. If you are using public trasportation, the connection between JR and this bus isn't good in the morning so, it will maybe a good idea to book a hotel somwhere in a root of this bus.


Lantern with "Kirishima-shrine" written at the center of a traffic circle.


 ※Kokubu-ekimae→Kirishima-shrine about 700yen (forgot to memo^^;)

JR Nippo line (2017 GW#12)

For the schedule next day, I have to move to another station.


The train tha I got on is a train bound for Miyakonojyo.

The photo of the train with a lighted ferris wheel.


About a 40min pleasant ride and arrived at the station where I booked the hotel for the night.


The sign board of this station.

After getting off at this station, I checked in the hotel and the first day has came to an end.

※Kasgoshima-Cuo→Kokubu Ticket 650yen


Notice:Ticket of the second day and first half of the thrid day. Can you guess the routing?


Black pork fillet cutlet boiled with salty-sweet sauce (2017 GW#11)

 Back to the Kagoshima-Cuo station and ate today's supper at a resturant inside a building near the station(There was no idea whether there was a place near the hotel).

(↓The resturant URL)

At lunch, I ate a rice bowl, so changed menu using a different cooking method.


upper left : pickles

lower left : rice

center(main) : black pork fillet cutlet boiled with salty-sweet sauce

upper right : tofu

lower right : satsumajiru(Kagoshima's traditional miso soup with pork and root crops)


The sause was thick so the rice disappeared is seconds and the cutlet itself was very tasety.


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